Let Sturmkatze Design Your Website!

Let us design your website! At Sturmkatze, when we design a website, we don't just start off right-away, making the pages. Instead, we do some research and discuss with you, what your needs are and what you are trying to accomplish with the site. Next, we design the structure of your website and we work on the "look" of the site by making a series of reusable and identifiable elements that will readily be recognizable as belonging to your unit. Last, we start building your pages. This way, we have a logical progression through the site and we can make it load quicker by design.

Pre-Fab Websites

We are also working on a series of lower cost "pre-fab" sites, wherein you would simply choose a style and color set, then give us the text and photos. Although there would not be as much customizing with this type of site, it is much cheaper to do and quicker to get online with. These sites would still be quality websites, it's just that they would be built off a standard template. Look for this option soon.


When your website is done, we will also help you to promote it, submitting it to up to four (4) major search engines of your choice.

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