Website Design Checklist:

1. Type your text out in Microsoft Word (preferred) or any other standard word processing format (even Notepad format which is available on any Microsoft Windows machine). Save each page's text as a separate file on removable media such as a thumb drive. Also, please print us a copy of the text for your site and include it along with the media.

2. Gather together any images/photos/logos you wish to use on the site for scanning by our staff (you may want to include your unit's logo as one of the pictures to be scanned). Images/photos/logos should ideally be 5x7" or smaller as they will be scaled to fit into the designated locations on your pages. Either color or black and white photos can be used. Label each photo on the back as to which page it will be placed on, along with a caption consisting of: who, what, where, when and why. This last is because you pictures need captions... to not have them really detracts from your site.

  • Note: We scale the pictures to fit for a couple of reasons... Among them is the fact that the file-size of a graphics file gets bigger exponentially as it gets larger -- and, since computer monitors only show 72 DPI (dots per inch) it makes large, high-resolution photos unnecessary. Also, please keep in mind that as a general rule, we cannot make images/photos/logos look better than the original you give to us. If we have to do retouching though, we charge $105.00 per hour (billed in half hour increments, with a ½ hour minimum)--this is far cheaper than the "going rate" for this kind of work, but we still have to charge a lot for it, as it's complicated work to do right.

3. Place a copy of your sales ticket/receipt, drive media, and all images/photos/logos to be used in a padded envelope and send your package to:

Sturmkatze Produktions AG

259 Grove Drive,
Shippensburg, PA 17257-8860

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Sturmkatze Produktions AG
259 Grove Drive, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania 17257-8860